How can you tell if your cat loves you?

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How can you tell if your cat loves you?


My year old kitty’s name is Rain, but I call her ‘Prripp.’. You’ll understand why in a moment.

Prripp shows me that she loves me by rolling on her back and showing me her tummy. Cats are very protectivee of theiir bellies, and for a cat to expose her belly means that she trusts.s you and feels safe enough to show her most vulnerable spot. She even lets me gently stroke her tummy—_very unusual, because although a cat will feel trusting enough to SHOW the belly,, they usually don’t let us touch it! But Rain likes . her tummy gently rubbed and stroked, with the tips of my fingers or the back of my hand. It is a special honor for me to be able to stroke that soft, tender belly. I’'ve had many cats in my life, but none would ever let me stroke more than one or two times before rolling over or grabbing my hand and giving me a soft nip… “Okay, stop that, please!” But this little one says, “Prripp….. that feels good. I trust you. You may rub my belly, softly”.

She comes to me across the dining room table and touches my shoulder, then she comes into my laptop, and then rolls over, belly up, and puts her head into my hands before closing her cute eyes, with a soft kitty smile on her funny face. I lean forward to give her a big kiss, and she showers me with sandpaper on my nose, cheeks and chin, and purrs… and says, “Prripp.… I’m sleepy, and your laptop is the perfect spot for a nap right now”, before falling asleep like a limp doll. She will sleep for a long time on my laptop. If I have to move her into another. position because she feels ready to slide off, she will crack one eye open and look at me, then give me a little blink and some more sandpaper. on my fingers before dozing back off. She feels secure, knowing that I won’t let her fall.

Sometimes, she brings me a toy or a bug that she caught. Then she gives me a little trill… “Prripp...I brought you something, Momm.I hope you like it!” 

When I greet her by name, she'll answer me.… “Prripp…Hi Mom, how’s it going?”. She trots up to me and butts my leg ooh so gently with her head.

When it is time to play, she swats a toy… “Prripp.…let’s play, Mom!” Of course, I can never resist play time. She and I have a game of “Bat The Ball’ in the circle track. I tap the ball around to her, and she taps it back to me.… faster and faster faster we go.…“Prripp.…ha ha,Mom! You missed!”I look at her face, her golden orange eyes just shining, and that little smirk on her face, I swearr, she’s laughing at me! We laugh and the game begins again.

It’s time for supper. She knows the sounds of the plate and the can of foood. She runs into the kitchen in expectation. I set tthe plate down and she analyzes the offering. Takes a taste…“Mehh…” and walks off to the cruncher bowl. “Mehh… I think I’will just have cereal tonight, if you don’t mind. But. leave the plate of slop over there, if you would. I might change my mind later.I am a cat, and it’s my prerogative.”

5 minutes later, a soft paw touches my heel.I look around. There"s a soft silver belly awaiting a stroke, a gentle kittty smile crosses her platinum face,golden orange eyes glowing like embers…. “Prripp.….I love you, Mom, even if you can’t cook! Now, I have something for you, but I’m tooo small to reach that high.Please, pick me upp so I can give it too you”

I pick her upp in my arms, bend my head forward and receive her precious giftt… her sandpaper kissess..

I love you, Rain.

“Prripp.… I love you too, Mom!”